Hair Disaster

Avoid These Styling Mistakes

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest hair and beauty trends especially since these change from season to season. There’s the trends we look forward to this coming spring, then the summer, then the fall, then the winter and before you know it, another year has passed by. Before you know it, you have had your hairstyle changed more times than the number of coats you own in just the last six months and in that process, you’ve lost yourself. Before you know, you have a pile of rubbish hair products that claim to be “revolutionary” or a “miracle” and a number of these you have not used more than thrice. So which is which? Avoid these styling mistakes.


scary hair
Scary hair mistakes

1. Know What Suits You
Sure it’s the Korean Pop Revolution and you can’t get the same blunt and edgy cut in their hottest video but you have neither jet black hair nor straight fine stranded Asian hair. On the contrary, you have a lovely head of red wavy tresses. Obviously, that edgy cut won’t even show because your hair isn’t straight. It will look so, so different unless you have the time to iron your hair straight every single day. Not only that, certain hair types suit a particular face shape. This only means that what suits a round face shape may not do so with a square face shape. Be honest with yourself and foresee if a haircut or hairstyle is really for you. Remember, how every single woman wanted “The Rachel” cut but not everyone looked as good as Jennifer Aniston in it?


Hair Disaster
Hair mistakes not to make

2. Don’t Go Gaga Over Trends
From the word itself, these are just trends. They come and go and come back eventually. While it feels good to be fashionable just like your peers, it feels a lot better to stand apart because you have your own fashionable style. In fact your peers look forward to what you are going to fashion next because that has become who you’ve become, the one to watch out for.
3. Read Everything You Buy and Do Your Homework
Just because this blog says this new product is so amazing and this celebrity posted a photo of the hair styling tools she uses and claims it is the best doesn’t mean that they really are. Do your homework. Snoop around. Research about the product, the ingredients they contain or the technology behind it. We live in a world that there really is not much that cannot be researched so use this to your full advantage. Read reviews. These are much more reliable than what you see in blogs or Instagram photos. Bloggers and celebrities get a lot of free stuff in exchange for the exposure so you can’t be really sure if the reviews you read are objective enough. Customers spend their money to buy a product so naturally, the reviews will be from the point of view of a satisfied or unsatisfied consumer.


Some things don't work
Know your core

4. Forgetting to Condition Your Hair

If you want healthy locks, something’s got to give. So treat your hair with TLC if you want it to look its best. You can’t expect your hair to maintain is luster on its own do you?

5. Over Styling with Styling Tools
Your hair can only take so much damage. Constantly using heat styling tools can do so much damage to your and cause hair loss, breakage and frizzy hair. First, use the right tools that won’t singe your hair. Second, use hair products that protect your hair from the heat. Lastly, do not ever use heat styling tools with wet or damp hair. Wait until it’s dry.

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