Black Panther has many strong Female role models

Black Panther is Destined to be a Global Blockbuster

Black Panther, Hollywood Changer?

It isn’t quite often that a movie like  the Black Panther movie, produced in the West, will feature a predominantly foreign cast, but if this fails to be quite telling of the uniqueness of Black Panther, then it calls for a sub-surface probe to determine whether indeed Black Panther is an epic movie. One question you might ask yourself is why Marvel had to make such a dramatic move from what people have been accustomed to. “Is there a hidden, somewhat subliminal message that the producers wanted to put across?” you might ponder. Probably, there is.

The Movie Black Panther Goes Global
Black Panther is Destined to be a Global Blockbuster

What do the numbers tell you?

Black Panther, the Hollywood game changer, if it should live up to this title, must not just show promise of breaking several records in the entertainment world, but actually, exceed the limits previously set by comparable movies. For a movie that’s barely a week old since its release, it certainly does seem to be setting a new trend on what would have erstwhile appeared to be a well-worn path.

According to PostTrak, 40% of all movie enthusiasts in the United States are African American, and it is this cohort that is behind the stupendous sales accrued over the past few days. Indeed, the ticket sales have been so high that Black Panther has been touted “the biggest pre-summer opener of all time.

Black Panther The Hollywood Game Changer
Black Panther The Hollywood Game Changer

A website of great renown has been receiving feedback from people who have watched the movie, and as would be expected, the responses are as varied as the personalities of the people who gave them. It goes without saying that you have a right to hold an opinion about anything, but when that opinion runs at variance with the opinions of others, and then it would only be appropriate to re-evaluate your perspective. For example, how would you explain why 13 out of 25 reviewers give the movie a 10/10 rating, 6 reviewers give it a rating between 1/10 and 6/10, while all the rest rate it between 8/10 and 9/10?

Black Panther has many strong Female role models
Black Panther has many strong Female role models

Assuming that these figures are a true representation of the views held by all those who have watched the movie, it follows that up to 76% of all who have watched it regard Black Panther with high esteem. If the remaining movie enthusiasts were to choose whether or not to watch the movie based on these figures alone, it is highly likely that less than 25% of them would think of Black Panther, the Hollywood game changer, as sheer hype. Nevertheless, since the question is yours to answer depending on what the numbers seem to reveal to you, go ahead and do the math. Whatever you uncover might be mind-boggling!

Black Panther is the Movie the Black Hollywood Acting Establishment has been waiting for to demo diversity is real
Black Panther is the Movie the Black  Community has been waiting for to demo diversity is really happening in Hollywood.

On Contemporaneous Matters of Global Concern

You do know that the movie industry does’nt only aim to entertain you but also to keep you informed about contemporary global issues, with the hope that you will be moved to endeavor and make a difference albeit locally. To this end, Black Panther does seem hell-bent on instigating the total upheaval of the status quo of what is known about the developed and Third World countries.

returns to prominence in the Marvel Universe and ours.
The Black Panther returns to prominence in the Marvel Universe and ours.

While the storyline might be relatively innocuous, reminiscent of the plot in Game of Thrones series, it does carry within itself a profound message to the First World and Third World countries alike; appearances can be deceptive. On the one hand, whoever appears to be affluent or highly developed industrially and technologically might not necessarily be so. On the other hand, the oversimplified standardized image with which a country has often been identified can act in the favor of such a country by hoodwinking the rest of the globe with the false impression that the country is underdeveloped. Regardless of this, secrets can only be kept for so long.

Black Panther Premiere
Black Panther Premiere

Against such a backdrop, it should not come as a surprise to you if indeed the allegations were true that a country in the Middle East has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, which it has surreptitiously kept away from the prying eyes of the superpowers. It would be dangerous to assume otherwise, but what if the lauded superpowers’ widely acclaimed arsenals were no match for the yet-to-be-revealed?

Black Panther Merchandise is already flying off the shelves
Black Panther Merchandise is already said to be flying off the shelves

In an era when inclusivity invariably hits the headlines, Black Panther goes a long way in attempting to make a parody of the elusive Utopia where all people enjoy the equitability of resources and opportunities. This ought to take you back to the cast and make you privy to the fact that no other major production in the history of the film industry has ever comprised of “an almost entirely black cast.” Well, too much for the case of diversity. Black Panther is a Hollywood game-changer, which debunks the myth that the industry is a white man’s purview even by having an African American director.


Angel and twins

The Rise of Surrogacy in Hollywood- Part 1

Katey Segal with her child born of surrogate mother
Katey Segal with her child born of surrogate mother

The Rise of Surrogacy among Hollywood Celebrities

Giuliana, 43, and Bill Rancic used a gestational surrogate for their child, so it is their biological offspring.  Giuliana’s struggles with achieving a viable pregnancy are very well documented.

Hollywood power couples often used surrogacy
Hollywood  couples often use surrogacy

Technological advancement has made childbearing possible without the physical union between couples. Many couples across different parts of the world use surrogate as a method for bringing children in their family due to various reasons. Surrogacy exists in two forms; traditional or gestational. Surrogacy is particularly prevalent among Hollywood celebrities. Most of them prefer gestational surrogate as the method of choice to bring a new-born in their family. Reports from Parent Magazine show that there is rise of surrogacy among Hollywood celebrities.

Hollywood Is Found of Surrogacy
Hollywood Is Fond of Surrogacy

According to the New York daily news reports, several celebrities have had babies through surrogacy, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban admits to bearing their second child, Faith Margaret through surrogacy in Dec 2011. The couple opted for a surrogate since Nicole felt that her chances of conceiving were very narrow. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in April 2009 break the news of their expected twins via a surrogate mother. Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen, too welcomed their child Winnie Rose in August 2013. Through surrogacy, Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman get Felix in March 2011.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with surrogate children
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

The story is not different for actress Katey Sagal, after parting ways with Jack White; she gets remarried to Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, in 2004. Her advanced age and the devastating stillbirth news of her firstborn Ruby still fresh in mind prevent her from bearing more children. Adopting child becomes even harder for the couple to consider. Thus, they settle for surrogacy. The couple, Sagal and Sutter undergoes in vitro fertilization and gives it a long shot. The result was the birth of Esmé Louise Sutter in 2007.

Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse
Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse and surrogate child

Still, the technology rewards Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse, with their daughter, Flora in Dec 2016. According to HuffingtonPost, the actress had a long struggle with fertility problems, and she admits to having the baby via a surrogate.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery used surrogacy for their third child they named Sienna May.

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A while back Pompeo talked about the surrogacy process during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!    “This is an incredible thing to do with your life, to give the gift of carrying someone’s child. I am forever grateful and feel very blessed and grateful to her — she who will remain anonymous,” she said at the time. “I was there with her when they inseminated her, and we held hands. I looked into the microscope and I saw the embryo. I saw the baby, and they put it in a thingy, and they inseminated her. And then we held hands, and we prayed, we talked to God, and if she was meant to be. He said he was going to try to help us out, and now we have a gorgeous baby girl.”


Ellen_Pompeo_and_Chris_Ivery used surrogacy for their child
Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery used surrogacy for their child

Ellen has used surrogacy before. Discussing the process of surrogacy back in Oct of 2014, Ellen said “She was born two months ago,” Pompeo, 44, told Kimmel of her baby girl. “I’ve done it before. The covert thing is kind of fun. This baby was born via surrogate, so I felt an obligation to keep the surrogate’s privacy. That was of utmost importance to me.”

Angel and twins
Angela and her surrogate born twins

Angela Bassett and her husband also used a surrogate for the birth of their twin children.

Tyra Banks is in good company when it comes to her piers who have also used surrogacy
Tyra Banks is in good company when it comes to her piers who have also used surrogacy to grow or make their families

HuffingtonPost, reports Tyra Banks and Erik Asla opted to have a son, York Banks Asla, via a surrogate at an advanced age. Tyra had been putting off the idea of having a baby until she reached over 40 years. For Tyra, the advanced age and the fertility issues couldn’t keep her from becoming a mother, as she reports to the People TV.

Thus she opted for IVF treatment which led to the birth of the son in January 2016.

Lucy Liu and surrogacy
Lucy Liu and her controversial surrogacy

As a single mom, Lucy Liu choose in 2016 to have her son Rockwell via the gestational method.   After being accused of being the “Murphy Brown of Surrogacy”,  she  said of the process;

“I didn’t really think about it at all,” Liu told CBS News. “I just went ahead and did it … I didn’t realize there was criticism until after I sent out the information that I had my baby through a gestational carrier and my friends said, ‘Don’t listen to what some people are saying.’ I didn’t realize people were saying anything negative!”

In an attempt to counter the negativity Lucy has run into as a result of her decision to use a surrogate Liu has been working with Tylenol on the #HowWeFamily campaign to show people that there isn’t one right way to have a family.

In January 2018, famous Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also welcomed their third born baby through surrogate.

Hollywood Couples Who Use Surrogacy
Hollywood Couples Who Use Surrogacy include Kim Kardashian and Neil Patrick Harris

Why the rise of Surrogacy among Hollywood Celebrities?

When you look deep into the lives of Hollywood celebrities, you will realize that there is the rise of surrogacy among them. Have you ever wondered why some celebrities miraculously regain their adoring shapes after childbirth? Dr. Vicken Sahakian, a fertility doctor, based in Los Angeles through the Daily mail, unravels the mystery. He echoes that more celebrities are opting to have their babies via surrogate. Such rich personalities secretly pay surrogates, while they themselves assume fake pregnancies.

Steps to Surrogacy Process_diagram
Steps to Surrogacy Process diagram

A celebrity’s performance, charming looks, and body structure are linked together. Most of these actresses invest all their resources and time to become international stars. They then become absorbed in their professions without checking on their biological clocks. Soon they desire their biological kids when they are beyond the childbearing age. With their fertility graph fast going down, surrogacy seems like the surer solution to the problem.

Commercial Surrogacy has Pros and Cons

Those who desire to have kids at their prime age also opt for surrogate mothers since they can afford the cost. Fearing that pregnancy would ruin their perfect looks and careers, none of the stars in Hollywood would even suggest they do anything different but there are two sides of every story, and  surrogacy is no different. We will discuss that issue in Part 2 of this story.

Little Souls of Surrogacy
Little Souls of Surrogacy
Neuro Speculative Afro-Feminism

Neuro Speculative Afro-Feminism and Virtual Reality

Black women today pride in Neurospeculative AfroFeminism (NSAF) which is a virtual reality program made only for them. It gets held at the Sundance Festival, in the United States of America, where it premiers. It is a section of the New Frontiers. You may be wondering, why black women only? According to Ashley Baccus-Clark, the Huffington Post creator, and a multidisciplinary artist, it’s about establishing a safe space.


Having joined Hyphen-Labs, which is a group of women who utilize Neural Science technology and art to develop work that protects women of color, Baccus-Clark commitment gets emphasized. On realizing that no sunscreen was meant to cater for the black women’s skin tone, Baccus-Clark’s journey on creating the VR world began. Since the regular brands from the stores left a purple sheen layer on the skin, she decided to come up with her brand of sunscreen.

Neuro Speculative Afro-Feminism
Neuro Speculative Afro-Feminism

It was the first among other accessories and speculative beauty products meant for women of color. All these products constitute the physical component and the narrative of the virtual reality which is Neurospeculative AfroFeminism.

Black Women in Virtual Reality
Black Women in Virtual Reality

Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, an engineer from Mexico with Cuban roots, Ece Tankal, and Nitzan Bartov, who are both designers and architects from Turkey and Israel respectively, designed earrings which recorded like devices. The earrings are prototype where the dichroic reflective surface allows the person who’s wearing them to see and not get seen. The headgear reflects threatening gazes to the person watching. The scarf has got patterns tailored to overwhelm the facial recognition software.

Black Women in Virtual Reality
Black Women enter Virtual Reality from a new perspective

Lastly, we’ve got the Octavia which is a virtual reality component that transports the user to the salon. Every user gets to see herself as a black woman before receiving the high-definition transcranial direct stimulation (HD-tDCS), which is a brain stimulation that’s non-invasive and alleviates depression and anxiety.

The founders of neurospeculative-afrofeminism-designers-now
The founders:   Nitzan,  Carmen,  Ece

The four women have managed to bring culture, Young Thug, and black womanist literature to the project. Using the eye as a logo indicates the creator’s motive. It is also an indication of you seeing or watching what’s happening. According to Ashley, she started going to salons on reaching ten years. She has come to learn that salons are a site of creative endeavors, political activism, and community building. She claims that they aimed to mirror this as they incorporate science and technology in the space left out.


The birth of NSAF was as a result of two African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were killed by police during a quick succession last summer. The aftermath was profound and unsettling for the black community. According to Baccus-Clark, they had to implement self-care rituals as they didn’t know how to deal with the situation. That is when they created a project that got people to think of the world around us. After six months, NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism was debuted at the famous 2017 Sundance Film Festival. It later traveled to the south, southwest, and is now showing at Tribeca.

The NSAF Salon
The NSAF Salon