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The Genius of Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes World
Shonda’s World

Shonda Rhimes is the brains behind hit series Grey’s Anatomy, How to get away with murder and Scandal. These series have had people glued to their screens to know what happens next. They have been highly ranked and they have introduced new A-listers like Kerry Washington. Her inspiration came after she adopted her first child. Shonda had to stay at home with the new child. During all that time she watched lots of TV programs with similar themes. The ideas for Grey’s Anatomy were born—the show about a group of sexy doctors who work hard to save lives and live their lives.

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda owns Hollywood from a talent perspective

The show included doctors performing surgeries on the patients. The more interesting part of the show was how the doctors handled their professionalism and lives. The pressures of work to save the lives of their patients while getting along with each other takes the drama to another level. The doctors also handle their challenges pertaining their personal lives, race, age and society norms. It is set up to deal with relevant matters that many people face. This is the reason the show captured the hearts of many in the world.

Its a Scandal
Its Scandal

The Scandal first appeared on TV in 2012. This was after Shonda had taken time off work to take care of her second adopted kid. The lead role is Olivia Pope, who is a fixer, handles problems for high-end clients. The needs of the clients vary and require a delicate touch. She is also a black unmarried woman who can pay her bills and stands strong for what she believes in. The show pushes vary acceptable society norms and believes like shaming of black independent women. In addition, Olivia Pope has an illicit affair with the president, the first lady decides to run for the presidency and the political deals made at the state house behind closed doors.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis

How to get away with murder is a legal drama with the star being Viola Davis. Viola is a lawyer as well as a professor. She defends criminals and her students use the knowledge they have to hide a murder. It is exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Over the past few years, producers in Hollywood have tried unsuccessfully to emulate Shonda’s scriptwriting style and production. She has the Midas touch when it comes to script writing and producing. In addition, she is the first black woman to create and be an executive for her scripts. Here are some of the matters that make Shonda’s work stand out.

Black Women with Power

In America, a black woman is neglected, has no say and basically is the most oppressed person. Shonda Rhimes, in a genius way, gives black women power in a show. She gives them a voice and power such that they cannot be ignored. The shows remind black women how strong they are and to never give up.

Shonda Rhimes the creator of Greys Anatomy
Shonda Rhimes the creator of Greys Anatomy


Women are expected to be virtuous at all times. This is interpreted by the society to mean that women cannot enjoy sex as men do. In all her shows, Shonda has shown in a genius manner that women care about sex. That a woman can freely choose a sexual partner without being labeled a slut. A majority of Hollywood producers cast roles of sexually active women as promiscuous and shameful. This is where Shonda brings out the point that women can embrace being sexual beings like men.

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh original cast member of Greys Anatomy

Poor Political Decisions

In the political drama Scandal, some decisions were made to benefit business men and not the general public. In Season 6, Kelly Grant has to stand for hours to defend the reason why girls should get free tampons. This was after a vote was to be cast to cut the funding for tampons in favor of investment.

Relationships and Communication

This has been captured perfectly in all the three series. Relationships are complicated due to a lot of external factors. Each person should know how far they are willing to go for a relationship. Poor communication can result to assumption and later a poor attitude towards each other in a relationship. In the shows we see characters make mistakes and amends in their relationships. You learn that at the end of the day, no one is an island. Everyone needs somebody to hold.

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is a production genius. She writes the scripts and produces the shows. Her company, Shondaland, has partnered with ABC for a long time. The hit shows are as a result of venturing into uncharted waters of politics, sexuality, and racism. Without a doubt, she has worked hard to questions society norms that have been upheld for centuries. This truly makes her unique. It takes pure talent to combine entertainment and serious matters into sensational TV productions.


Afro Slay Short Cut

The Resurgent Afro Slay Hairstyle

From Cool Counterculture To Corporate Mainstay: Embracing Afrocentric Hair

After a decade dominated by black women burying their natural glory beneath hair extensions, the past few years have seen the resurgent Afro Slay hairstyle being rocked everywhere from playgrounds in Miami to runways during New York Fashion Week. Once a sign of rebellion, sisters now proudly rock locs and afros while delivering presentations in the boardroom.

Zazie Beetz Afro Slay
Zazie Beetz Afro Slay

Back In The Day

It’s been a long time coming. The 90s saw a brief resurgence of the Afro among young black men, themselves shaking off the remnants of the Jheri curl trend. Lots of sisters got inspired by Janet in Poetic Justice and started rocking the big box braids. And they did look good.


AfroSlay Mosaic
AfroSlay Mosaic

But we still took that toothbrush and gelled down any edges hinting at being any other texture than baby-fine. That hat went on with a quickness when we couldn’t get to our favorite braider by the weekend. It was because we didn’t want our own, other women of color, shaking their heads at how we could go out with our hair THAT way.

Afro Slay Hair Style
Afro Slay Here to Stay

Many of us grew up with mothers who forever gave us complexes about heat near our ears when they slipped up on the hot comb. Next came the relaxers, then the extensions. The ideals of nappy and proud stopped being passed down, fading with the harsh reality of needing to show up for a job interview looking “presentable”.

Afro Slay Techno Color
Afro Slay Techno Color

More Than A Moment

Viola Davis stood on the red Oscar carpet in 2012 looking radiant, resplendent…and natural. The wig she sported during campaign season was gone. She slew effortlessly, kinky curls popping, highlighted by a gorgeous sunset hue. It wasn’t just a photo op; it was a statement. It was an affirmation to black women everywhere that their hair texture was beautiful. And she was heard.

No shade to Halle. To this day you won’t find any other woman of any color who pulled off that pixie cut the way she did. She achieved what no other Black woman had, which still has yet to be repeated.

Afro Slay Short Cut
Afro Slay short cut

What Viola represented a state of beauty as powerful and overwhelming as Halle’s. Two Black women representing the wide range of natural hair textures. One previously celebrated as ideal. The other now demanding equal respect.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson made similar statements with their respective characters of Foxxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones. Even with that, many black women still felt the need to conform to more European standards of beauty when going into the office or applying for a loan. You didn’t want to seem too dangerous, too much like a trouble-maker. Too BLACK.

Afro Slay Purple
Afro Slay Purple

Viola made it clear that this line of thinking was dead. Professional sisters proudly walk into the bank portraying class and confidence with their carefully oiled coils. Mothers send their little girls to kindergarten with their hair in twists. Miss Universe contestants now sport afros while doing their pageant waves.

Afro Slay
Afro Slay

Natural Is Beautiful

The hair pattern doesn’t matter. It’s the confidence displayed as the world gets wise to the fact that there’s nothing scary about natural black hair. Society benefits when black women feel free to embrace the natural beauty they were born with.

Afro Slay Color Combo
Afro Slay fun with Color

Twist it, lock it, cornrow it, whatever. Don’t sweat the teeny-weeny afro when starting out on a natural hair journey. Check YouTube for countless videos on taking care of your particular hair texture. Just never again shy away from Afro Slaying out of fear or shame.

Brown Afro Slay
Afro Slay Brown Tinting

Represent the natural you with pride!

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