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Nike Reignites the Culture War

No doubt you have heard by now that Nike has reignited the Culture Wars, started in large part my Donald Trump’s divisive brand of politics, with their new “Just Do It” campaign which prominently  features Colin Kaepernick. Contrary to the nay Sayers, this has not resulted in them losing business but instead gaining millions of dollars in […]

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Marine Biologist Danni Washington

Danni Knows Nature

Marine Biologist Danni Washington
Marine Biologist Danni Washington with her Signature Afro Slay Hairstyle


The Pioneering Style of Danni Washington

Are you a fan of many American TV shows? If so, it’s likely that you know who Danni Washington is. What about her life and what inspired her to become one of the top TV personalities? Continue reading this article to understand more about the pioneering style of Danni Washington.

Don't Test Nature Knows Best
Don’t Test Nature Knows Best

Who Is Danni Washington?

Despite having Jamaican ancestries, Danni Washington is Miami native. She is fantastic, gorgeous and passionate about marine biology. As a graduate of the University of Miami with a B.Sc. Marine Science, she has followed her heart to educate the youth and children about protecting marine life.

Danni, not only being a co-founder of The Big Blue & You, but she has attracted a large crowd of the audience through some of her big projects such as Untamed Science, Ocean GEMS and Educational video alongside Will and Jaden. Currently, she’s a host of Fox’s Xploration Nature Knows Best—a TV series explaining how innovators, particularly in every field get hints from nature to come up with wonderful inventions.

Marine Biologist Danni Washington as Mermaid
Marine Biologist Danni Washington having fun as Mermaid

Danni’s Pioneering Work as a Professional

From getting support from parents as well as growing up in Miami, a coastal city, she has enjoyed the precious moment of the sea at her young age. Her birthplace laid a strong foundation towards her work as she got fascinated by the ocean. Every time in her childhood, she was able to frequently access the ocean, beaches and water. This accessibility helped her to learn the secrets of aqua-life and discover more about maritime to its depths. What’s more, her educational background played a vital role in shaping her future character as an on-camera personality—being enrolled in Marine School offered her extensive experience in the field of Marine Science.

So far, Danni has accomplished various successful projects with the aim of conserving the ocean. As a science communicator, she possesses excellent skills that help her to encourage the youth, mainly girls to have interest in science—pulling girls interest to the sea.

Marine Biologist Danni Washington at NASA
Marine Biologist Danni Washington at NASA

In her work with Untamed Science, she has created and produced over 200 Educational science videos. These videos aim to make science education more enjoyable. Currently, the videos are classroom tool for teaching science in many schools across the US.

What about Ocean GEMS? The pioneering style of Danni Washington took another direction in this multimedia series, Ocean GEMS. She has encouraged the millennial generation to pursue their passion for the ocean. Through the web-based program, social media and other platforms, Danni has created a pathway for the youth to reach their career goals.

Danni and Friends of Nature
Danni and Friends of Nature

According to Danni, many teens don’t have mentors to guide them, especially in the areas of goal setting. As the planet faces severe issues about aquatic life, there’s urgent need to equip young generation with essential skills to become a marine scientists. These skills will help young people to become part of solutions to challenges facing our oceans.

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Danni on the beach
Danni on the beach looking for Science to help the world

Do you know nature is fundamental to scientists and innovators in every field? Danni’s work at STEM series gives viewer’s great ideas on how scientist can get hints from nature and create amazing advancements. The host of Xploration Nature Knows Best brings out the current advances in many fields—all of them nature oriented. There’s plenty to learn from this TV series, including new advances in medicine, use of bio-mimicry in space exploration, new modes of transport and so on. You can catch up this Danni’s TV show on FOX every week, its available in various channels—HULU, Amazon Prime, Yahoo View and Roku as well. Once you tune in to this show, you’ll enjoy meeting professional marine scientists from every corner of US, and as well learn about most beautiful advancement copied from Mother Nature.

Danni’s passion for ocean conservation has continued even today. She has continually shared her adventures and marine journey with everyone, primarily through her social media as well as in blog posts. You can get many of these blogs once you follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Who Inspired Washington

Danni got her inspiration from Dr. Sylvia Earle, a marine biologist and the founder of alliance Mission Blue. Sylvia is very determine to connect people to the ocean. We may ignore the ocean but the O2 we breathe, some of it is created via aquatic processes, according to Washington.

Danni’s work will continue to inspire many people, from young children to adults in all the field. There’s much to learn from her various projects, such as goal-setting, hard work and persistence. If you’re a potential marine scientist young, you can make it just like Danni Washington, however you have to be patient, hardworking as well as interacting with nature.


Shonda Rhimes the creator of Greys Anatomy

You Go Woman

The Genius of Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes World
Shonda’s World

Shonda Rhimes is the brains behind hit series Grey’s Anatomy, How to get away with murder and Scandal. These series have had people glued to their screens to know what happens next. They have been highly ranked and they have introduced new A-listers like Kerry Washington. Her inspiration came after she adopted her first child. Shonda had to stay at home with the new child. During all that time she watched lots of TV programs with similar themes. The ideas for Grey’s Anatomy were born—the show about a group of sexy doctors who work hard to save lives and live their lives.

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda owns Hollywood from a talent perspective

The show included doctors performing surgeries on the patients. The more interesting part of the show was how the doctors handled their professionalism and lives. The pressures of work to save the lives of their patients while getting along with each other takes the drama to another level. The doctors also handle their challenges pertaining their personal lives, race, age and society norms. It is set up to deal with relevant matters that many people face. This is the reason the show captured the hearts of many in the world.

Its a Scandal
Its Scandal

The Scandal first appeared on TV in 2012. This was after Shonda had taken time off work to take care of her second adopted kid. The lead role is Olivia Pope, who is a fixer, handles problems for high-end clients. The needs of the clients vary and require a delicate touch. She is also a black unmarried woman who can pay her bills and stands strong for what she believes in. The show pushes vary acceptable society norms and believes like shaming of black independent women. In addition, Olivia Pope has an illicit affair with the president, the first lady decides to run for the presidency and the political deals made at the state house behind closed doors.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis

How to get away with murder is a legal drama with the star being Viola Davis. Viola is a lawyer as well as a professor. She defends criminals and her students use the knowledge they have to hide a murder. It is exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Over the past few years, producers in Hollywood have tried unsuccessfully to emulate Shonda’s scriptwriting style and production. She has the Midas touch when it comes to script writing and producing. In addition, she is the first black woman to create and be an executive for her scripts. Here are some of the matters that make Shonda’s work stand out.

Black Women with Power

In America, a black woman is neglected, has no say and basically is the most oppressed person. Shonda Rhimes, in a genius way, gives black women power in a show. She gives them a voice and power such that they cannot be ignored. The shows remind black women how strong they are and to never give up.

Shonda Rhimes the creator of Greys Anatomy
Shonda Rhimes the creator of Greys Anatomy


Women are expected to be virtuous at all times. This is interpreted by the society to mean that women cannot enjoy sex as men do. In all her shows, Shonda has shown in a genius manner that women care about sex. That a woman can freely choose a sexual partner without being labeled a slut. A majority of Hollywood producers cast roles of sexually active women as promiscuous and shameful. This is where Shonda brings out the point that women can embrace being sexual beings like men.

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh original cast member of Greys Anatomy

Poor Political Decisions

In the political drama Scandal, some decisions were made to benefit business men and not the general public. In Season 6, Kelly Grant has to stand for hours to defend the reason why girls should get free tampons. This was after a vote was to be cast to cut the funding for tampons in favor of investment.

Relationships and Communication

This has been captured perfectly in all the three series. Relationships are complicated due to a lot of external factors. Each person should know how far they are willing to go for a relationship. Poor communication can result to assumption and later a poor attitude towards each other in a relationship. In the shows we see characters make mistakes and amends in their relationships. You learn that at the end of the day, no one is an island. Everyone needs somebody to hold.

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is a production genius. She writes the scripts and produces the shows. Her company, Shondaland, has partnered with ABC for a long time. The hit shows are as a result of venturing into uncharted waters of politics, sexuality, and racism. Without a doubt, she has worked hard to questions society norms that have been upheld for centuries. This truly makes her unique. It takes pure talent to combine entertainment and serious matters into sensational TV productions.