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Hair is everything for most women, and a bad hair day can literally ruin your day. There are simple beauty tips that you can incorporate into your hair care routine, to keep your hair in tip top shape and to give you that glamorous look.

Lemon Water Spritz

Tired of dealing with frizzy hair that flies away at every given moment and might generate some static? A lemon water spritz can help you sort it out.

Lemon water

Create the spritz by slicing up two lemons and simmering them in water. Two cups of water should do it and the spritz is ready once the water reduces by almost half the original amount. Spray the liquid onto your hair and instantaneously handle frizz and static.

Dry Shampoo/  No Heat – Talcum Straightening

There are times when you simply can’t get a shampoo in and you may have reduced your heat usage for the health of your tresses. This might leave particularly oily hair looking dull and ‘old.’ A way around this is the dry shampoo/ no heat – Talcum straightening method.


Put some talcum powder on a hair brush and brush your hair when it is overturned starting at the nape of your neck. Keeping adding talcum powder as required. Once you are done, flip back your hair and you’ll have oil-free straightened hair in just minutes.

Bun it Up

Wear your hair in a bouncy blowout or in waves? One of the problems you constantly battle with is maintaining your blowout’s bounce or keeping your waves in longer. A good way to deal with this problem is to sleep with your hair in a bun.


Having your hair held up in a bun also acts as a protective styling and minimizes on damage. When you are staying indoors in general make it a point to bun it up.

Fix your Hair Last

When getting ready to leave the house in the morning, or anytime for that matter, let you hair be the last thing you work on. Dress up and leave combing/styling your hair last. This is a particularly useful tip if you have just washed your hair.

Morning hair prep

After just washing your hair and you need to leave the house, dressing up first will give it time to dry up. Hair tends to be at its weakest when wet and this leaves room for easy damage.

Use Humidifiers

Cold weather is not friendly hair weather and that is why we spend Winter in protective hairstyles. However, cold weather means that most of us will crank up the heat in our houses to keep warm. What this does is leave the air indoors very dry. This in turn causes hair to dry out.


Having a humidifier in the room will help to release moisture into a room and this in turn helps with the drying out issue. It is especially important to keep a humidifier in your bedroom.

Half Wash

So you are in between washes and your ends need some attention; a half wash will do the trick. Shampoo your tips thoroughly and rinse them out. Follow through with a conditioning of your tips.

Washing hair

The half wash helps to keep your hair healthy and bouncy. It is also a good way to keep your ends moisturized and prevent them from drying out.

Shampoo Omelet

If your hair is getting brittle or you simply want to boost growth, using a Shampoo Omelet can greatly help with this. Protein is the building block of hair and it also helps to strengthen up hair.


To create a Shampoo Omelet simply mix up some shampoo with one egg. Lather up your hair with the mixture and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse out your hair. You can use the Shampoo Omelet as often as you wash your hair.

Herbal Shampoo

On the shampoo train, you can transform your ordinary shampoo into an herbal shampoo simply by adding some essential oils in it. Some of the essential oils that are beneficial include Lavender to balance natural oils and for its scalp soothing abilities, Rosemary to help manage dandruff and Tea Tree for oily hair management and scalp treatment.

Essential Oils

Mix drops of your chosen essential oil, diluted in water, into your shampoo to create the herbal shampoo.

Comb Condition

If you love swimming something that you will have to deal with is the damage caused by the harsh chemicals in pools. To minimize this type of damage you can start to Comb Condition before going into the pool.

Comb Condition

Once you are done wit swimming rinse out your hair using water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar.

Brown Sugar Dandruff Solution

Dandruff is among the common hair related problems everyone has to deal with at one point or another. Brown sugar can help you effectively manage dandruff.


Mix some brown sugar and conditioner to create a paste. Rub the paste onto your scalp and lightly massage it in. Once you have worked the paste throughout your hair, rinse it out.

Hair Fragrance

Create your own hair fragrance by spritzing up your favorite perfume into hair gel before applying it. This instantly gives you heavenly smelling hair that matches its great look.

Hair perfume

Another way to leave your hair smelling looking sleek and smelling good is to rub some of your fruity shampoo into it.

Eat Up

A number of people do not realize the benefit of eating for healthy hair. Anyone who has been ill or on a diet will notice that the poor diet during this time affects how the  hair in general. A poor diet will reflect through dull looking and damaged hair. However, incorporating some important food items into your diet should help you maintain healthy hair.

Healthy hair food

Chicken, sprouts and fish are great additions to maintain normal hair. To work on dry hair include raw vegetables, nuts, pulses, bananas, brown rice and Vitamin E capsules to your diet. For oily hair incorporate Green vegetables, yogurt, fresh fruits and salads to your diet.


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