Winter Care Tips for Black Hair

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Now, don’t we all wish our hair was as healthy and vibrant as the models or celebrities in every advertisement? As if it wasn’t enough that their skin looks flawless, their hair is a vision of perfection. Believe it or not though, the hair of our beloved celebrities and models take so much more of a beating than the average woman. All those styling tools and hair products do so much damage that they have to really take the time to do their hair care routine with or without their hairstylist. Sure, they may just sit pretty while someone else care for their hair but the time that is put into is really an effort. It takes patience to sit there for hours just to get it done. Oh and did I mention how your tresses get frizzy over the summer. It gets so much worse during the winter because the sun, the ice, the cold, the wind and the snow can really create some hair-raising dilemmas for most of us. Our experts share these winter care tips for black hair.

Black Woman’s Hair Takes Care

1. Protect Your Hair From Friction.
You might have waited all year round to wear the fanciest bonnet or the softest and most elegant infinity scarf you’ve been eyeing since forever. The bad news is they can contribute to a lot of damage. First, there are fibers that can cause some friction to your hair. For instance, 100% wool might keep you warm but the warmth coupled with his fiber can cause a lot of friction and a lot of heat. So not only does it rub against your hair and cause breakage but it can also contribute to the lack of circulation so your hair can’t breathe. Use a satin wrap underneath a beanie or bonnet so your hair doesn’t rub against the fibers and is well protected. Choose scarves, cowls or wraps that are made of a more forgivable material such as a wool and silk or wool and satin blend fiber.

Hair Care
Treat your hair right


2. Deep Condition Your Hair
Just like our skin has this tendency to get dry during the winter, your hair too, needs intense moisturizing. Heated indoors, fire places and the dry environment inside is similar to how our hair reacts to the summer. Yes, it indeed gets frizzy as if it isn’t already. This isn’t only about using a conditioner but also pamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment as often as you can. Conditioning frequently helps lock in the moisture and helps prevent dehydration.


Hair Breakage
Take care of your hair or else this could happen

3. Do Not Go Out With Wet Hair
Whether you have black hair or not, this needs not much of an explanation. If you put water onto a cube tray and put it in the freezer, it becomes ice cubes a few hours later. So if you go out into the streets with damp or wet hair, your hair will have a tendency to freeze and this can cause breakage. So unless you are Elsa, please always take the time to dry your hair before stepping out into the cold. Really, it shouldn’t take that long.

4. Less Oil Is More
So you think by adding more oil to your hair is the key to locking in moisture? Wrong. Not only will your hair look greasy but too much oil can cause buildup and buildup causes dandruff. You may use natural oils but apply them only when you are about to sleep at night. A few drops will do. Natural oils such as Argan Oil has tons of medicinal properties and that includes keeping your hair healthy and conditioned.

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