Best Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Whether you love them or hate them, when it comes to celebrities, you really just need to get your fix and find out what’s the latest with them – whether it’s the latest news in their love lives, their or their celebrity spouses showdowns, think Savannah James’s LeBron against the Warriors,  their looks or their hair styles! […]

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Hair and Style Trends to Replicate from the Beauty Pageant to the Fashion Runway

Since time immemorial, or a couple of decades at least, since mass media learned to shine a demanding spotlight on the next hot thing, and broadcast it out for the avid consumption of us all,  people of some means have been looking to the fashion and beauty pageant runways of the globe like the Miss USA pageant, and the four key fashion capitals of the world  […]

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Special occasions, especially for couples, like say weddings, have always been thought to be all about the woman and her friends. From their dresses to their hair; its always a glamorous affair at special occasions. What about the man and his friends? They also do need to look dapper during  special occasions. Your regular haircut […]