The Best Hair Transformations of America’s Next Top Model Fan Favorites

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America’s Next Top Model is currently on its 22nd cycle. As the name suggests the show was created with the purpose of discovering America’s next top model. Throughout is 22 seasons, we have seen a number of models and novices come to the show and go through exceptional transformations. We explore some of the best hairstyles that we have seen through the show’s 22 cycles.

Elyse Sewell

The flagship cycle of ANTM presented to the world an exciting reality show that sort to literally find America’s next top model. Elyse Sewell might not have won her season, but she left an impressionable mark with one of her profanity-laden confessional rant as well as her impressive hair transformation. Elyse got a pixie hair cut, which literally transformed her into a runway model.

Elyse Sewell

Elyse Sewell maintained short dos after the show and has been a successful model particularly in Asia.


Mercedes Yvette

Mercedes Yvette was an ANTM Cycle 2 finalist and she is lovingly remebered for sharing her struggles of living with lupus. For her hair transformation she got voluminous lengthy curls, giving her that runway model edge.

Mercedes Yvette

After the show she’s kept the length, but spots a straighter brunette look.


Eva Marcille

ANTM cycle 3 winner Eva Marcille caught our attention right off the bat with her charming personality. She also remained impressionable in our minds with her awesome short pixie hairdo, which she has kept since the show.

Eva Marcille

Eva always keeps it ‘freshingly stunning’ with her platinum blonde do, but she occasionally switches it up by going for slightly  longer looks and different hues.

Eva Marcille May 2015

Toccara Jones

Cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones left a memorable impression with her larger than life persona. She did quite well during her cycle, being the 8th contestant to be eliminated and having won 5 ‘Cover Girl of the Week.’ AOL Entertainment also voted her as one of the most memorable ANTM contestants. For her hair transformation Toccara was given lustrous lengthy waves.

Toccara Jones

Toccara has spotted a myriad of hair looks after the show,  including a svelter look. Most recently a charming shoulder length loose curls look. tumblr_nu1vebYc7B1r8n3ceo1_500

Amanda Swafford

Cycle 3’s Amanda Swafford might have not won her cycle, but she won the hearts of ANTM fans. She went through a hair transformation taking her from brown waves to a blonde ethereal look. The new hairdo did her justice, making her blue eyes pop out more.


Amanda now spots a short reddish hue and she reportedly went completely blind.


Naima Mora

The Cycle 4 winer came off as a shy contestant and many wouldn’t have thought that she would win. She joined the show with a jet black Mohawk, which was vamped up with highlights for her hair transformation.

Naima Mora

Naima kept the Mohawk after the show, but kept on changing it up for the different photo shoots that she does.

Naima Mora

Bre Scullark

Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark was a strong contender when she appeared on the show. She went on to the semifinals and finished 3rd. She appeared on the show’s All Stars cycle and didn’t make it past the 10th episode owing to a meltdown she had.

antm-cycle-17-bianca-golden Bre has kept on changing it up, but she generally maintains her hair in tight golden curls.


Jaeda Young

Jaeda from Cycle 7 didn’t quite warm up to the idea of chopping off her lustrous auburn hair for a short do. She felt that a shorter do would strip her off her femininity, having talked about being among the hottest girls in her school. However, she was given a Halle Berry do that laster her through 6 episodes of that cycle.

Jaeda Young

After the show Jaeda grew out her hair and has been pursuing  a teaching career.


Jaslene Gonzalez

Cycle 7/8’s Jaslene Gonzalez was a sure fan favorite right from the auditions to gracing the semifinals twice over. She won Cycle 8, through her sheer determination and hard work in both seasons. She did also spot quite the lustrous mane of hair, getting waves and length to match her infectious personality.


Jaslene seems to have kept the length and waves after the show, spotting a brown hue with highlights.


Saleisha Stowers

Cycle 9 winner Saleisha Stowers was a top contender stemming from her confidence and strong walk. She almost went home during the 3rd episode when she was at the bottom, but she stayed in the competition and consistently improved. She got a face framing bob with bangs for her hair transformation.

Saleisha Stowers

After the show Saleisha went back to lengthy straight/waves looks.


Fatima Siad

Cycle 10’s Fatima Siad, the Somali-Ethiopian contestant, placed 3rd during the cycle. Her story was captivating, having grown up in Somalia and undergone Female Circumcision at the age of 7. For her hair transformation she had her brown curly hair swapped for a jet black straight do.

Fatima Siad

Fatima has kept the look, albeit a shorter do, after the show as seen in this photo she did for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 collection.


Isis King

Cycle 11’s Isis King was the 1st transgender woman to appeared on ANTM. She also appeared on the All Stars cycle. Isis was a strong contender placing 10th in her first cycle. For her hair transformation she got a lengthy straight jet black look.

Isis King

Isis has maintained the long hair after the show, switching the hue up and going for voluminous looks as well.


Allison Havard

Cycle 12’s Allison Havard came off as the quirky model with the most amazing big blue eyes. She didn’t off the bat seem like she would make it far in the competition, but proved a lot of people wrong by making it to the semifinals of her cycle. She joined her first cycle with a shoulder-length straight brown look. For her makeover she was given length in a blonde look that made her eyes pop even more. antm-cycle-17-allison-harvard

She seems to have gone back to the brunette look after the show, as seen in this recent photo shoot she did.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Laura Kirpatrick

Cycle 13 and All Stars contestant Laura Kirkpatrick is well remembered for her bubbly personality and she was both a judges and fan favorite from the cycle. Her struggles with dyslexia came into play during challenges, for instance when required to read from a telepromter during the cover girl ad shoot. For her hair transformation, Laura was given deep waves to add volume to her look.


Laura has maintained pretty much the same look after the show, as wen on this photo shoot she did for The Voice Louisville for their Fall 2015 collection.


Krista White

Cycle 14 winner Krista White was the outspoken contestant who was also an undoubtedly strong contender. For her hair makeover she was given a long ponytail, which she did not like. However, her high horse mane ponytail took her all the way to the top.

Krista White

After the show, she ditched the ponytail for lengthy waves.


Chris White

Cycle 15 contestant Chris White was part of the show alongside her sister Terra White. However, her sister left the show following the hair transformations but Chris stayed on and did quite well. For her hair transformation she got long lustrous tight waves.

Chris White

Brittani Kline

Cycle 16 winner Brittani Kline started out as a strong contender, but started spiraling downwards from the 4th episode. However, she was able to make a comeback apologizing for having an exchange with Alexandria Everett during a photo shoot and went on to win the cycle. For her hair transformation she got a face framing bob with fringe, which she loved.


After the show Brittani grew out her hair.


Lisa D’Amato

The ‘All Stars’ winner was a previous cycle 5 contestant. She came off as a wild card during her first cycle and was the eight to be eliminated. She got a short brown do with highlights for her hair makeover during her first cycle.

Lisa D'amato

For cycle 18 she got a short blonde do, which she seems to have kept after the show except for playing around with the hue.


AzMarie Livingstone

The androgynous model who was notably a favorite during the ‘ANTM’s Cycle 19 dubbed the ‘British Invasion’  got our attention with her unique look.Although she was eliminated during the cycle’s 6th episode, she still remains a fan favorite. AzMarie got a rad short hair cut with the ANTM symbols shaved out at the back.


AzMarie maintains the rad short hair do that matches her persona but she also spots a slightly longer do.


Cycle 20 – The Male Models

Cycle 20 came with it a twist and it was the inclusion of male models into the competition. We all waited in anticipation for the hair transformations and indeed Tyra did have it all planned out. The men went through shaving, bleaching , weaving and beard additions.

Don Benjamin

Don got a blonde hue, which made his eyes pop out more.

Don Benjamin

Jeremy Rohmer

Jeremy got highlights and light trimming on the edges.


Phil Sullivan

Phil got some weaving done, giving him a longer look and he also had coloring done.


Cory Hindorff

Cory got a complete shave off giving him an edgier look.

Cory Hindorff

Cycle 21

Cycle 21 was yet another ‘Guys & Girls’ cycle and everyone couldn’t wait to see what Tyra would do with the men’s hair.

Adam Smith

Adam might have gotten the best hair makeover yet, getting a close cropped cut.

Adam Smith

Denzel Wells

Denzel Wells might have gotten the crowning makeover of the show yet when he got a lace front beard installed.

Denzel Wells

Keith Carlos

Cycle 21 winner Keith Carlos didn’t get an overly dramatic hair makeover, he was given a clean shave.

Keith Carlos

Shei Phan

Shei got the most modernly dramatic hair makeover the show has seen yet. She was given a half black, half blonde look that was simply rad.


Cycle 22

Yet another installation of the Guys & Girls cycles, which is currently airing. Slated to be the show’s last season, fans are keenly following to find out on December 4th who will walk away with the coveted title.

Devin Clark

Devin had his ‘carrot hue’ curly hair shaved off for a more serious short do. The shave gave his face more presence and a more ‘modelesque’ look.


Bello Sanchez

Bello who spots amazingly stunning blue eyes is given length giving him a ‘Prince of Persia’ reminiscent look.

Bello Snachez

America’s Next Top Model has come to a conclusion with its 22nd season, but we will always have the seasons past with the fierce styles presented for references.


Gallery of The Best Hair Transformations of America’s Next Top Model Fan Favorites

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