Winter Ready Hair for 2015 – What To Do After Fall

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One way to keep your look updated is to make sure that each hair style is appropriate for the season… and with that, you also have to make sure that the appropriate care and nutrition for your hair happens as well. Winter can be a crucial time for hair care and being winter ready means making sure you have your routine down pat when the season hits. Due to its structure and smaller quantity of produced oils, African-American hair can be the weakest hair type, prone to damage and breakage, especially during the winter months when the cold air dries out all the moisture in our hair to leave it brittle and dull-looking. Summer hair means happy, shinny, buoyant hair but sadly once fall comes our way, we can only look forward to lack-luster hair (not to mention skin!) during the colder months.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way. There are several things you can do to make sure that you have winter ready hair this 2015.



Moisture is the key word when it comes to winter ready hair. Not only can the cold air pull the moisture out of your hair but the extra heating from inside our cars and homes aren’t doing our strands any good either. With all that dreadful dryness, it just leads to hair damage like split ends and breakage. To combat that and make hair winter ready, put on some natural oils that mimic the essential oils from our own scalp (which we don’t manufacture enough of, especially during dry and cold weather).


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Before shampooing, massage some oil (try coconut oil like the Skinny Coconut Oil one from Skinny & Co.) – you can also opt for something heavier like castor oil) and leave it in for about 30 minutes before washing off. Make sure to use your fingers to massage the oil in and de-tangle strands. Also, keep the water to as close to room temperature or lukewarm as possible when you wash off. Always remember, hot water and hair strands do not go well in the long run (read = hair fall!).


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While browsing, we found an interesting coconut oil shampoo bar at Skinny & Co. as well that’s bound to be better than those chemical-filled products that are sure to dry and damage your hair out even more. A must-try!



Go out for a pre-winter trim to make sure that ends are split-free and your hair generally is winter ready by aiding in lessening tangling, knotting and styling. Trims should actually be done from time to time to make sure that hair is growing out healthy. You can also set your hair in a protective style since winter isn’t the time to actually be flaunting your hair and exposing it to the harsh elements (well, you still can from time to time but only for limited times). There are protective hairstyles that you can wear to minimize styling time as well as hide your ends from the cold, which in turn reduces the moisture escaping from your hair so it is key to keep it under wraps. You can fix your hair in a variety of styles like braids, twists, bantu knots and top knots. Pair this up with some moisturizing oils for your hair, spritz some on and it’s like your hair has gone on a vacation – a winter vacation that is. The best news is – you have less time styling and fixing your hair once it is set and more time snuggling in your warm bed.


You thought you’d be safe from the effects of winter from your own bed? Think again. Regular pillowcases aren’t normally made of hair friendly fabric like silk and satin – if you do have a satin pillowcase then lucky you. But we usually sleep on plain cotton pillowcases that rub and pull against our hair unknowingly while we sleep. The static and friction can also cause our hair to become brittle which once again leads to hair damage. One solution to make your hair winter ready (other than a satin or silk pillowcase) would be to use a head or hair scarf that should be made of satin or silk. This protects the strands while sleeping, lessens friction and keeps the moisture of the hair inside, which happens because of the kind of fabric is used. Another useful and necessary winter hair accessory would be a hat – but who wants getting a flat head of hair from wearing a hat right? To counteract that, wear your hair in a high bun on the top of your head to keep you looking classy and cute as well.



Well, we should already be avoiding too much chemical products and heat applied on our hair but during the winter months, it’s an absolute no-no. The weather is already making our hair brittle, let’s not add to the process by using products that unknowingly on our end can be too rough or damaging. Skip on the hair dye, that one can be especially rough on our hair strands, as well as shampoos and hair products with harmful ingredients such as sulfates, alcohol, formaldehyde, as well as propylene glycol.


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Try out something like Apivita Shampoo for Frequent Use, available online on The Motley. To make your hair truly winter ready, stay away from the heat (except for steam, that’s good for the head) – and we mean heat from styling tools. Stow that flat iron and blow dryer for now and try doing pin curls and wraps and dry it out naturally at home.


In making your hair winter ready this 2015, you just need to tweak and up your hair care regimen to focus and be a little bit more conscious of how your hair is – not just how it looks but it’s overall health. So when spring comes in next season our way, our hair will be ready to meet it full force, strong and healthy.

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