2016 New Year’s Hair Resolutions

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Christmas is now barely 5 days away and once it comes and goes, New Year’s will be just around the corner. New Year’s gives everyone a chance to change and the reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail is because of failing to plan. This year, why not start planning early and have your resolutions under wraps including your New Year’s hair resolutions.

What Does Your Hair Need?

First things first, what is the current state of your hair? Have you been giving it the attention it requires as often as possible? Let’s be honest; most of us tend to get lazy when it comes to hair maintenance particularly during the winter period. More than likely, your hair is lacking some essential nutrients or oils it needs due to neglect. Remember that it is never too late to start all over again and the first step is to fix the damage.

Resolve to Get Professional Help

Sometimes the damage is too much for you to handle on your own or you simply may not know where to start. Visit a hairstylist to get more insight about your hair and what it needs. In the spirit of the New Year and fresh starts, you should be willing to start afresh. This means possibly having to get the big chop and start afresh. Yes, no one would outrightly want to chop off their hair but it could be just what you need to grow you that long mane of hair you desire.


When it comes to hair care products you should get, look out for hair care products that are formulated to repair your hair.

Resolve to Cut More

When it comes to hair, cutting it more often will actually make it grow more.  The ends of the hair are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair. This makes them highly likely to break off and having them also hampers growth. It is recommended to trim split ends after at least 3 weeks or depending on the hair’s growth rate.


When it comes to giving your hair that push it needs to grow, you should also work on oiling your ends. This keeps them from drying out and also offers them the nourishment that they might not get directly from the roots. Some of the products to stock up on

Resolve to Stop The Damage

There are a number of things we do to our hair that end up causing more harm than good. For instance, heat straighteners may make your hair look presentable and more manageable but they tend to cause damage in the long run. Reduce heat usage and opt for less harmful straightening methods. If you must heat style, use  a heat protectant so that you can seal the moisture in and avoid overheating. There are a selection of heat protectant sprays available that will do the trick.


Long term use of chemical relaxers is also among the list of hair damagers. Chemical relaxers change the composition of hair and over relaxing the hair ends up weakening it.

Resolve to Brush Better

Ever given much thought to brushing your hair, other than the old hair myth handed down generations to brush at least 100 times? The reality is that the way you brush your hair plays a big role towards your overall hair’s health. Brushing properly involves choosing the right brush, not brushing your hair when it is wet and starting to brush from the ends making your way to the roots.


Always finish up your brushing routine by giving your hair a few solid strokes running from the roots down the hair. This is of cause after proper detangling. This helps to get the scalp’s oils, which are healthy oils, down to the rest of the hair.

Resolve to Try out New Hairstyles

Finding a hairstyle that suits you is often a difficult task for most people. Once you find that hairstyle it becomes an even harder task to switch to a different style. Once you have grown your hair to a desirable health and ensured that it is as healthy as it needs to be, experiment with different hairstyles. 2016 Hairstyle Resolutions

Sometimes a fresh colour or different cut is all you need to change up your hairstyle. Stock up on products that are formulated to preserve the colour, in the case of coloring to change your hair.

Resolve to Get a Hair Schedule

Things like going for a trim, deep conditioning and giving your hair a good hot oil massage form part of your hair schedule. Listing all of them down, like you would list down everything you need on a grocery list, helps you keep track of when your hair needs.dye-scheduleFor most hair care needs, you simply need to create an at-home schedule that works for you. Deep conditioning and hot oil massages are things you can do using items from your pantry right at home. The most important thing is to stick to a healthy hair maintenance schedule and the result will be a healthy mane of hair.

Resolve to Restock

When was the last time you bought a new hair care product or how long have the ones you have been on your shelf? Just like adapting a healthy hair care routine, most people find it difficult to maintain regular use of hair care products and restock them as needed. Form a habit of using your hair care products as required and checking on their expiry date.

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Restocking is not only restricted to hair care products, but also hair care accessories. Restock on bobby pins and hairclips as regularly as possible to replace lost, damaged or misplaced ones.

Resolve to Love More

Last but not least, do you genuinely love your hair with all its kinks and flaws? If you are always looking for that next big hair look and never really take the time to love your hair as it is, then 2016 should be a year for hair love.

hair-shedLet your hair breathe more by giving it a breather from manipulation. Let your hair down more and simply give your hair room to grow.

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