Can You Believe Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson?

Eric and Rosario

We think we know Rosario and she is certainly the actress keen for keeping her relationships to herself and within her close circle.

Yet, following quite a bit of gossiping going around, “Rosario Dawson”, and comic “Eric Andre” have apparently affirmed their romantic sentiment.

Rosario says its the real deal!
Rosario says its the real deal!

The match perhaps made in Hollywood flew themselves into Sydney last week where “Rosario” was quest VIP at “The Red Room for the Carter’s Old School party” taking place in Sydney.

Eric Andre is in Love with Rosario?
Eric Andre is in Love with Rosario?

While Comedian Eric Andre is known for his freakish tricks, from heading off to a McDonald’s dressed like Ronald McDonald to putting on a show representing himself as Rolling Stone employed.  Is it accurate to say that he is clowning about dating performer Rosario Dawson?

Rosario and Eric Swear Its True that they are in Love
Rosario and Eric Swear Its True that they are in Love

In a progression of Twitter and Instagram posts, Andre shared heart emoji’s and photographs of both of them kissing, and called Rosario both his “Valentine” and the “undisputed most perfect being on earth”.


Visitors at Carter’s said the beautiful Rosario and Andre invested some of their energy with fans amid the 90 minutes the supposed couple were at the venue.

Rosario on Carpet
Rosario on Carpet

The Latina Bombshell had until now been on her own since parting, in 2013, with director Trance  and Oscar award recipient Danny Boyle after an eight-month entanglement.


Things being what they are, is this truly not a prank or publicity stunt? Did the couple simply pick Valentine’s Day for their turning out?


Rosario, yes she’s been busy, already been connected with “Jay Z”, “Joshua Jackson,” French DJ “Mathieu Schreyer,” and Sex and the City star “Jason Lewis”.


In the interim, Rosario’s most recent full-length leading part was in the comic drama “Puerto-Ricans in Paris”.


Andre demands that, yes, he’s genuine. I think that we need to touch tongues (since) individuals think that this is a trick,” he scribes in one tweet.  He even put up a photograph with hashtag  “not a trick” after Chance the Rapper evidently messaged Dawson inquiring as to whether she was trying to pull one over on him.


Her current motion picture is about two Puerto Rican NYPD investigators (Luis Guzmán and Edgar Garcia) who look for a stolen bag in Paris.


Rosario likewise has a heaping pallet full of activities to look forward to.


The movie star and performing artist is as of now taking a shot at activities such as  “Lego Batman Movie”, “Krystal”, and “Luke Cage”.


To provide additional confirmation that they are a thing, Dawson re-tweeted Andre, saying he was her primary or to be more precise “main” man.


Maybe this is just a publicity stunt to gen up attention for their latest projects but we for some reason here at BHS hope this Valentine’s surprise relationship is for real.


Rosario will likewise reprise her part as “Becky” in a reintroduction of the franchise and cult film series Clerks 3.


The comedic parody will likewise star the loved Silent Bob, and Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Jay.


It’s scheduled for release in 2018.


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