Grow Your Hair Long; What Haven’t You Tried Yet?

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Having a mane of lustrous long hair is every woman’s desire, but this dream continues to seem elusive. However, many have it done and many more will continue to grow their hair long including you.  Find out what you haven’t tried out yet to grow your hair long and get the long lengths that you desire.

Cultivate a Healthy Foundation

The scalp is the bedrock upon which hair stems from, and a healthy scalp equals healthy long hair. Scalp health plays an important role when it comes to growing your hair long. Generally, healthy hair will continue to grow out of a healthy scalp. There are several things that you can do to promote your scalps health. This includes daily scalp massages to promote circulation, a weekly hair mask to stimulate the pores from which hair grows from and nourishing your scalp both from within and externally to promote hair growth.


Work your Natural Oils Throughout Your Hair

The best hair oil that your hair can get is your scalp’s natural oil. When combing out your hair it is advisable to start at the ends to detangle and work your way up. Once you are done, comb once again starting from the roots and working your way downwards to spread out the good oil. Make it a habit to also comb out your hair before going to bed using a Boar Bristle Brush to increase circulation.


Take Hair Vitamins and Supplements

Your hair is not damaged or breaking, but it doesn’t seem to grow longer. Your hair growth answer could lie in taking hair vitamins and supplements. Your roots need nourishment to promote hair growth and hampered growth may be due to lack of adequate access to the nutrition it requires. Vitamins work from within to promote scalp health and in turn give you healthier hair. When your hair is healthy it will definitely grow longer.


Eat Your Way to Longer Locks

Before resorting to vitamins and supplements, you might want to stock up on all the right foods guaranteed to boost hair growth. Protein builds cell structure and it also plays a key role in hair growth as well as maintaining hair strength. However, it is important to balance your meals because every food group is essential in keeping the body as well as hair healthy.


Give Cleanses a Break

Are you a cleanse junkie and find yourself always jumping from one cleanse after another? Well this could be harming your hair, because you end up getting less nutrients you need within your body and in turn this reduces nutrient supply to the scalp. When your scalp isn’t well nourished obviously the result will be hampered hair growth. Consider your hair goals when embarking on cleanses and avoid staying on cleanses for long periods.


Condition after Every Wash

Shampooing your hair comes with it’s well known benefits, particularly when using the right shampoo. It adds moisture, repairs damaged strands and helps to spread out the good oil throughout your hair. However, few women actually follow through with a good conditioning session. Conditioning helps to replace proteins and lipids that get depleted through heat styling and coloring.


Cold Rinse Your Hair

Most people wash their hair with hot water, which ends up doing more harm than they think. The hot water opens up the hair’s outer layer and this allows moisture to sip out of them and also leaves hair more susceptible to heat damage. A cold rinse will be able to lay down the hair’s outer layer and prevent moisture loss. A few seconds of a cold rinse should do the trick.


Minimize on Product Usage

Using a number of products on your hair not only confuses your tresses, but it also makes it difficult to establish what works and what doesn’t. Your hair also needs no-fuss periods and if you are always lathering it up in product it is an indication of just how much fuss you put to it. Giving your hair breathing room will allow it to respond to the right products well and also give it room to grow.


Go Natural

You are probably already on the natural bandwagon, but if you aren’t you should consider going natural. Going natural does not only mean using natural hair care products, but stopping the damage. Stop heat styling, coloring and chemical treating your hair. You will definitely see results in terms of growing healthy and longer hair.


Stop Stressing

Stress has been known to affect your entire body negatively including your hair. So when you are stressing out your hair suffers from poor growth. Incorporating stress-relieving workouts into your lifestyle will do a wealth of good for your overall wellness including your hair’s health.


Sleep on Sateen/Silk

Sateen/Silk pillowcases are highly recommended for anyone who hopes to grow their hair long. They are kinder to your hair and do not tag and pull at the hair. They also do not suck moisture out of your hair, making silk hair scarves recommendable to cover your hair with when you go to sleep.


Give it Time

Chances are that you have been expecting your hair to miraculously grow long overnight. Hair growth is a slow process and generally the rate of hair growth is anywhere between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch monthly. This is also dependent on several factors, most importantly being your hair’s general health. If you are not registering growth as expected start by addressing the problem of your hair’s health. Repair the damage that you have done to your hair and start your quest afresh to grow your hair long.


Last but not least, love your hair at every length and keep taking care of it. Again to reiterate, hair growth isn’t a spontaneous process and it takes the right set of conditions to grow your hair long. To keep your hair healthy; trim your hair regularly to promote growth, shampoo every other week and follow through with a good conditioning session. Reduce or give up on heat styling and chemical use and soon you will see your hair reach your desired lengths.

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