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Kids hair is equally as important as adults’ hair, and when it comes to kids there are selections of colorful and fun hairstyle choices available. Parents will often view their kids’ hairstyle choices differently, with factors such as what is acceptable in school playing a huge role. This doesn’t mean that children’s hairstyles should be the traditional and plain hairstyle choices that have been around for centuries; you can choose age appropriate and stylish hairstyles for your child that are easy to style right at home.

Afro Puffs

Toddlers and infants can also get their hair styled and at that age it is best to go for natural hairstyles. Afro puffs are an easy and highly recommended option, because you can style your child’s hair into this a matter of minutes right at home. All you need are elastic bands and a comb to achieve this hairstyle right at home. However, it is important to go for elastics that are metal-free and not to tie the puffs up too tightly. This is also a good hairstyle for children of just about any age and not only constricted to toddlers and infants.



Twistouts are another good hairstyle choice for children. They are ideal for children of just about any age and you can style your child’s hair into this look right at home. Start with a few twists, simply twist up your child’s hair and they should leave them on overnight. However, you could still have a stylist work on your child’s hair to achieve this look professionally. The great thing about twistouts is that they allow you to play around with accessories, which your child will definitely love.


Fancy Cornrows

The traditional cornrows are an ideal hairstyle choice for children and they now come in a wide array of fancy choices. Once again, this is a hairstyle you can achieve right at home but if you don’t know how to create cornrows a visit to the stylist should do. Cornrows also provide the opportunity to play around with accessories for different looks that your child will love.



A single or double ponytail is yet another easy hairstyle to achieve at home for children. Just about anyone can style their child’s hair into this look and scrunchies or non-metallic elastics are the only accessories required. Gently braid or plait your child’s hair into the ponytail and secure the ends with scrunchies or elastics.


Braided Hairstyles

The classic braids are also a good hairstyle choice for children. However, when it comes to children, larger braids are befitting particularly in cornrows or in combination with twistouts. Use of accessories such as colorful plastic beads and elastics is highly recommended.

Braided twists are also an ideal hairstyle for children and they also give flexibility to change up the look often using accessories. Again, thick twists are recommended for children just because they are easier to get done.


Taking Care of Children’s Hair

It is important to take good care of your child’s hair to avoid offsetting problems such as traction alopecia. Traction alopecia arises from pulling at the hair too tightly, when tying it using scrunchies or elastics. Just like adult’s hair, children’s hair also requires regular shampooing and conditioning.

Although most parents want to be able to style their kids hair at home, it helps to regularly pay a visit to a stylist. The stylist will be able to assess your child’s hair to determine what works for your child’s hair and what doesn’t. You can also find out a lot of information including which shampoo and conditioning products are ideal to use on your child’s hair, as well as how often to trim your child’s split ends. Again, different parents have different thoughts about styling their kids hair but it helps to do what’s best for your child’s hair, which includes the regular trim.

Black-Kids-Natural-HairstylesMost parents prefer to keep their children’s hair natural for as long as possible, which many agree is a good choice. However, some parents will allow their kids at a certain age to relax their hair. Relaxed hair requires a lot of maintenance and it is important to carefully weigh this decision and also consult with a stylist on the best relaxer to use on your child’s hair.

Al in all, there are limitless hair styling possibilities that are ideal for children and you can play an important role in styling your child’s hair right at home.

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