Hairstyles of the World’s Most Powerful and Influential Women

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They say that behind every successful man is a great woman but what do they say of successful and powerful women? Nowadays, women leaders are no longer a rarity and in the age of technology where everything is fast-paced and advanced, women have certainly kept up with the opposite gender and have proven their worth by leaps and bounds.

With power goes prestige and public image, and making sure that everything is kept looking and being its best, including one’s self. And while style and fashion might not always be a priority with top-notched female power figures, it certainly pays to look one’s best, especially when leading in such empowering and influential positions across different fields. These women are heads of states, iconic CEOs and entrepreneurs, role models and leaders in their chosen industries. Here are some of the best examples of powerful women who maintain their poise and glamour, as well as sporting chic and classy hairstyles to complement their positions:

ANGELA MERKEL – Chancellor of Germany


The Chancellor of Germany is currently holding the #1 position on the Forbes’ Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2015, a list she has been on every year since its inception 10 years ago. Under her leadership, Germany has become Europe’s most vibrant economy and is the longest serving elected Head of State in Europe. Not only has she been taking arms against ISIS, she’s also been trying to help Greece with its financial crisis and has opened Germany’s doors to refugees, making it one of the few countries welcoming them with open arms. All thanks to Angela Merkel, a full-time superwoman and hero. When it comes down to hairstyle, Angela’s light reddish blonde hair is cut in a no-nonsense, short hairdo with bangs that frame her face, giving her a youthful look, as well as projecting the credible, rational and kind leader image that she really is.

HILLARY CLINTON – Presidential Candidate, U.S.A


A former First Lady, Secretary of State and now a US Senator running in the presidential race in what could be the first time a woman would hold the highest office in the White House. A popular Democratic choice, her Republican contenders trail her by 12 points, making her a strong front-runner for the coming elections. And when she steps into the Oval Office, she’ll be neck and neck with Chancellor Merkel, Forbes #1 Most Powerful Woman. Hairstyle-wise, they are both currently sporting short locks, with Hillary’s a bit longer, the ends curling about the top of her shoulders, and with whitish, grey streaks framing her face, making her look wise and knowledgeable, a perfect look for a powerful woman, don’t you think? When it comes to fashion though, while Angela Merkel is known for her frumpy and ill-coordinated attires, Hillary has the edge by wearing stylish and classy power suits, all the more enhancing her powerful lady image.

MICHELLE OBAMA – First Lady of the United States of America

michelle obama

Currently at the #10 spot of the Forbes’ list, this woman here would be the culmination of the ‘behind every great man’ quote, because while her husband may be the President of the United States, it surely goes without saying that Michelle Obama is a force on herself and wields her own kind of power. Since becoming the First Lady in 2009, she has moved on to also become a style icon and darling of the media, as well as a role model for women across the United States. As the First Lady, she has her hands in several projects and is an advocate for poverty awareness, women’s rights, healthy eating and nutrition, public service, schooling as well as aiding military families, which she has made into her personal mission. As for hairstyle, Michelle treats her hair like a fashion accessory, saying, “The hair is just like any other accessory. You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.” Great advice, Mrs. Obama! But then, she always pulls it off, just like with her sense of style when it comes to dressing! Michelle Obama currently sports a shoulder-length, relaxed bob, with soft waves and side bangs framing her face.

OPRAH WINFREY – Media Proprietor


In 2014, Oprah Winfrey was listed as the richest self-made woman billionaire on the Forbes list and ranked as the richest African-American of the 20th Century by Forbes as well. This year, she holds the #12 spot on the Most Powerful Women list. Along with that, being called the greatest black philanthropist in American history makes it inevitable to anyone that this woman is a mainstay on any most powerful and influential women list. Oprah has her hands in media, entertainment, business, philanthropy, imaging and personality niches. She has her own cable network and magazine and toured America last year for her popular self-help program called “The Life You Want”, practically cementing her position as the most influential woman in the world, a title that some have already bestowed upon her. When it comes to hairstyles, Oprah is known for her ever-changing hairstyles and how it has evolved through the years, from bobs to pixies to full-on curls to wearing her hair naturally this year. If you’ve been in the business as long as she has and dominated as much as she has, it’s all bound to get noticed!


Coming in at the 21st spot of this year’s  Forbes Most Powerful Women list, Beyonce tops celebrity lists and has become the most influential and compelling popular musician of the 21st century. Countless praises and accolades have been given to her on her unique and provocative voice and range, her powerful presence and performances, even in her personal style on all the things. And as entertainer and performer, she just oozes complete appeal, from her bootylicious body to her gorgeous hair. Beyonce’s golden brown tresses has seen numerous changes over the years, but on average she keeps it more on the wild and loose side, complementing the image that she is the epitome of a modern female rock star that is beyond talented and beautiful. Beyonce currently keeps her hair long and loose with her natural curls,  with an ombre colored style that accentuates her gorgeous tan and look.

Gallery of Hairstyles of the World’s Most Powerful and Influential Women

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