12 Signs it is Time to Leave Your Hairstylist

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It has taken you months, or maybe even years, to find the perfect hairdresser but it seems like its time to leave them. It this even a possibility that it will reach a time when you want to leave your hairstylist? Well here are 12 signs that it is time to leave your hairstylist.

1. Your Hairstylist is Simply Terrible
Who would stick with a stylist who doesn’t get it right or simply does a horrible job? Worst still imagine having to redo your hair when you get home after a visit to the beauty parlor. Many people tolerate these inconveniences and they often find it difficult to leave their hairstylist. It ranges from an array of things such as the stylist being conveniently situated to your house or having developed a good rapport with them, which would mean starting all over again if you left them. The fact is that if you are not happy with our stylist it is definitely time to move on. Yes you might have formed a relationship and gotten to the point where you have coached them to do an ‘ok’ job, but if they are still not getting it right it’s time to go. It might take a couple of trial and error sessions to find your next best hairstylist, but it is better than sticking with one you are not happy with.
2. Your Hair is Suffering

So you might have a seemingly perfect hairstylist who always seems to get it right, but your hair is suffering. Your hair might start thinning out or worse still falling off. It makes sense to find out the root cause, but it often goes back to the styling choices or how your hairstyling handles your hair. Often many women go with what their hairstylist suggests, because after all they are the professional and know best. This is not usually the case and what you end up with is damaged hair as opposed to a full head of healthy hair. Once your hair starts suffering give it a break and this includes trips to your hairstylist.
3. Your Stylist always Suggests a Trim
There are stylists who will keep suggesting a trim; just because it is a well-known fact that trimming your split ends aids in growth. However, trimming your hair when it does not have split ends is actually doing harm than good to its length. Be careful with a stylist who will recommend a trim after say every month. Good stylists will reasonably recommend a trim after 6 to 8 weeks.

4. Your Stylist Over processes Your Hair
So you maintain your hair in a perm, relaxed, colored or any other processed styling; it is important to avoid over processing your hair. If your stylist suggests you go in often for touch ups, sooner than the recommended timing this should raise flags. There are also stylists who will promise to transform your hair from brunette or black to blonde in a single visit. These are stylists who are often after one thing – your money. Yes every one has to make a living but it shouldn’t be at your hair’s expense. Save your bucks and integrity of your hair by avoiding such stylists.
5. You Never Seem to Get an Appointment With Your stylist
This might not be entirely a bad thing; you might simply have a very good stylist who is always fully booked. However, you are an equally important paying client who deserves to have your hair worked on at your convenience. Ever booked an appointment for 12 p.m. only to get to a fully packed beauty shop and not get your hair done until 2 or 3 hours later? There are also hairstylists with the habit of overbooking their clients. Again, your time is very precious and you shouldn’t have to take such treatment no matter how good the stylist is.

6. You have a Storyteller for a Stylist
Most women look forward to trips to the beauty parlor, not only to look good but also because of the stories they get out of the visit. Don’t we all just love catching up on the neighborhood gossip served up from the beauty parlor at the corner? This can turn into a problem if you have a hairstylist who seems to talk too much than she works on your hair. Multitasking is not a skill bestowed unto everyone and if your hairstylist’s hands are not on your hair as she talks, it means more time spent at the beauty parlor. Worse still is the hairstylist who seems to spend a great deal of time talking on their phone compared to working on your hair. Also remember that as easily as your hairstylist will dish out gossip about others is the same way she will tell them about you. Limit what kind of information you choose to share.
7. You know More About Hair Than They Do
Today’s woman is much more aware about the stylist choices she has. Long gone are the days when relaxers were the rage when it came to hair styling. We now have extensions and many women are opting to go natural. A good hairstylist keeps up with these changing trends and can respond to the different needs of different clients. If you have a stylist who is stuck in the past and doesn’t seem to know what you want to get done with your hair it is time to move on.

8. Your Stylist Imposes Their Ideas on You
While every woman goes to a hairstylist to for that professional touch they definitely still want what they want. If your stylist is always imposing their styling ideas on you or not quite doing what you want telling you what they did ‘looks much better,’ it might be time to leave them. ‘The client always know best’ rule still applies when it comes to your hair. You know precisely how you want your hair to look like and it is your hairstylist’s duty to help you achieve that look. ­­It is also important for your stylist to be able to look at a photo of a hairstyle you want, particularly if it a photo of you in that hairstyle, and replicate it.
9. You Get a ‘Mass Produced’ Style
So your stylist might have perfected achieving a certain trendy style and talks you into getting it. Soon one client streams in with a similar style for a touch up and so does another and another. Before you know it, seems like you have been short changed and you are now stuck with what is clearly a ‘mass produced’ hairstyle. Women will always admire other women’s hair, but they all still want that unique touch. A good hairstylist is able to adapt a current trend to individually suit her different clients.

10. Your Stylist Keeps Hiking Prices
It is one thing to pay $20 for a hair cut one month and pay $60 for the same hair cut a year or so down the line. If you paid $20 this month and you stylist quotes $60 the next month it will obviously raise questions. Of cause there is the tip issue, which is should often fall anywhere from 15% to 20% of your total bill. However, you are not inclined to leave a tip should you not be happy with the service or how your hair turns out. When it comes to the cost of fixing your hair, inflation and all other fluctuating costs factored in mind, there is no reason why your stylist should unreasonably hike prices. It is also well within your rights to compare pricing for the same service between different hairstylists and go with what you can afford. Not to compromise on quality, price does not always equate to quality and if your stylist is no longer affordable to you – move on.
11. Your Stylist Becomes too Attached
It is common for your relationship with your stylist to blossom into a friendship. However, you expect this kind of friendship to form over a period of time. If you have a stylist who seems to become too attached almost overnight and keeps calling you for non-hair related issues it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship. You obviously want to trust the person you entrust with the task of chopping up your hair. Anyone who has ever gotten a nasty haircut from a stylist they’ve seen a couple of times will always have a back story to tell. Learn to read the signs and move on if you feel uncomfortable with your stylist.


12. You simply Want a Change

Sometimes you simply feel like you want a more edgier or even demure look. Regardless, it might mean leaving your stylist for another one who can achieve the look that you want. Severing ties with your stylist doesn’t always have to be on a bad note, it could simply be out of a need to try out something new.

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