Traveling with your high-maintenance hairstyle

High Maintenance Travel Hair

We all have been tempted by a high-maintenance hairstyle at least once. We see them in celebrities and in beauty-conscious friends and before we decide if we have the time and the skills to style regularly, we already are at the hairdresser’s with the scissors in our hair.

Most people ask the hairstylist for a cut which is easy to style and maintain. If you are one of those who have the patience to use the brush, the hair iron and styling products after every wash, you need to know things are not that difficult once you get used.

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A few examples of high-maintenance styling are straightening curly hair (a better option may be relaxing your hair); styling a fringe when your hair is rebel or on the contrary, thin and greasy; and flipping out hairstyles. Short hairstyles are considered rather high-maintenance because the hair looks out of shape as it grows. Fortunately, there are many styling products available out there which make things a lot easier.

High Maintenace Hair


Your high-maintenance hairstyle and traveling

When your fancy hairstyle and your traveling plans meet, you are a lot more likely to regret your hairstyle choice. Traveling to a nearby place for a day or two is not necessarily a problem, but what about your trip to Europe and that Euro-pass tour of all the major capitals? You can have both good looks and fun if you are well-organized and smart. And the best thing about carrying with your high-maintenance style is getting the greatest photos from your vacation and feeling attractive and fashionable wherever you go. Not all women travel wearing a ponytail, a backpack and sneakers.

High Maintenance Hair Style

Advice for women traveling with a high-maintenance hairstyle

Even if sometimes you feel like you need a personal hairstylist to manage your hair and dread the way you’ll look in your three-week travel, here are a few tips that will make things easier:

  • If you have short hair, get a new haircut before the trip. In two or three weeks time, your hair may look too outgrown;
  • Take with you styling products in small containers. If you need a certain shampoo, don’t take the entire bottle with you, but just a small jar; also, this is the perfect occasion for using those hair spray samples you got at a promotion. A good idea would be asking for your hairstylist’s advice; a professional can recommend you products easy to use on the go;
  • Buy a traveling hair straightener or curling iron. There are devices which fit the palm of your hand, are light and easy to carry and they produce the same results as larger appliances;
  • Keep all your hairstyle products and supplies well-organized in a special kit. If your hair brush is at the bottom of your suitcase, you’ll hate looking for it.
  • Go to a local hairstylist at least once; it may be an interesting experience before going out to dinner in your favorite European capital;
  • Bad hair days are inevitable sometimes. For these occasions, keep with you a hat, a fashionable scarf or a headband. If you travel during winter, you have a variety of headpieces to choose from;
  • Relax and enjoy your trip!

Traveling men and high-maintenance hairstyles

Most times, high-maintenance hairstyles in men are not as difficult to deal with as those of women; the most important thing they should consider is taking their hairstyle products with them. Since the use of hair straighteners and brushes is less likely to be needed, a styling product, especially if it is applied on wet hair, should do the trick.

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Traveling with a high-maintenance hairstyle becomes less dreadful when you focus on a few important aspects that will make your life easier: using travel-sized appliances, small-sized hairstyle products bottles and carrying a hat with you in case you lose the battle with your demanding haircut. Beautiful and trendy should not be complicated!

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