Sew In Weaves; Harmless or Harmful to Your Hair?

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Hair extensions and weaves come in handy to achieve that hair look you have always wanted. Who wouldn’t want to instantaneously have volume, length or even a short hairstyle without actually changing your actual hair? This is why hair extensions and weaves are widely popular among women. When it comes to fixing weaves to the hair there are several way stylists go about it. There is the ‘sew in’ method, bonding and wefting methods. The ‘sew in’ method is particularly popular, particular for those going for a full head weave. There have been a lot of concerns raised about the ‘sew in’ weaving method, in reality there are pros and cons to choosing this weaving method.



The Good

Hair extensions and weaves have changed a lot of women’s lives literally. They are a quick and easy way to achieve straighter or curlier, long or short and more voluminous hair. Not everyone is gifted with the hair of their choice and weaves allow anyone to get precisely the type of hair that they want. Weaves also allow you to switch up your hairstyle as often as you please, also change to a weave of a different texture or length.

Another pro of having a weave on is that your hair still continues to grow beneath it. In fact, some people have said that their hair grew longer with weaving compared to hair growth achieved through other styling choices.


Properly fixed weaves can last for anywhere between 6 weeks to 8 months, saving you some money from numerous trips to the stylist. Other hair styles, such as relaxed hair, that require regular maintenance tend to cost more to maintain.

The Bad

Good weaving starts with the foundation, which is the braiding that your stylist will work on your hair to fix the weave. If your stylist braids your hair too tightly, it causes stress to your actual hair. Most people tend to believe that the tighter the braids, the longer the ‘sew in’ will last. This often leads to hair loss and can be irreversible.


There are similarly several ‘sew in’ styling choices involving leaving your natural hair at the front for a more natural look. What happens often is that your stylist will relax the hair left at the front to match with the weave. If you opt for this weaving method several times, the hair at the front might get ‘over processes’ or damaged by heat styling agents. This also leads to breakage and hair loss.

Not properly taking care of your hair, while it is under the weave also causes damage to it. Even while it is under the weave, your hair still requires you to take care of it as you would if it was not under the weave. Moisturizing and shampooing are still very important even if your hair is under the weave.

If the scalp is inaccessible because of tight braiding or an improperly fitted closure it will not be able to ‘breathe.’ This also makes it difficult to shampoo the scalp properly increasing risk to infection.

The Fix

In short, ‘sew in’ weaves are not harmful, but they can end up being harmful based on the cons listed above. To avoid tight braiding it is simple; talk to your stylist when having a ‘sew in’ fixed and let them know if you feel like the braids are too tight.

To make sure that your hair stays moisturized under the weave use a spray moisturizer. Lift the weave and spray your hair and directly. However, do not push things between your tracks.


Do shampoo and condition your hair as frequently as after every two weeks. Use the normal products you use, but it is recommended to use natural products. The foundation matters a lot and it is recommended that you should condition your hair before sewing in the weave.  A good oil to use would be coconut oil, but make sure to use a little and avoid using too much of it on your weave or it will become greasy.

Although it all comes down to your maintenance regimen, it is recommended to keep a weave for at most 8 weeks. Remove your weave and let it breathe for a couple of days before weaving again.


Last but not least, the type of hair you choose matters a lot. Synthetic weaves are affordable, but they are not friendly to your natural hair. They tend to irritate the scalp and make your hair brittle. It is better to go for trusted human hair weaves that tend to last longer and are kind to your natural hair.


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