The Best Makeup and Hairstyles from Face Off’s 9 Seasons

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A revolutionary reality TV show is how Face Off could be described. Face Off has been exploring prosthetic makeup and hair artistry since the show debuted back in 2011. Through its 9 seasons the show has hosted prosthetic makeup artists competing to show off their prowess in creating prostheses similar to what you would see in horror and science fiction films. We explore some of the memorable makeup and hairstyles from Face Off.

Elephant Man from Season 1

Ever thought about how an elephant would look with a head full of hair? Well Season 1’s contestants Tom and Conor McCullagh were able to bring this imagery to reality with the prosthetics they created to form the ‘Elephant Man.’

Elephant Man

The Frog Prince

For his season 1 finale piece, Conor came up with ‘The Frog Prince.’ The imaginative piece fused man and reptile creating a creature that most of us haven’t thought of before. When it came to the fairy creature’s hair, he kept it bald.

The Frog Prince

The Bellhop Inspired by Tim Burton

The Tim Burton-inspired challenge in season 2 saw the contestants come up with whimsical aesthetics. Contestant RJ Haddy came up with the Bellhop, which easily won the challenge and became one of the show’s memorable looks. The hair was styled in waves protruding to the sides and topped off with an iconic red bell boy hat.

The Bellhop

The Cowardly Lion

When you think about lions what comes to mind is bravery, but season 2’s Rayce Bird and Ian Cromer were able to conjure up the image of a cowardly lion. Their lion, a Wizard of Oz inspiration, was markedly hungry with a distinctly sinister look. The cowardly lion spotted a mane full of hair styled in a free flowing bouffant-like look.


Junkyard Cyborg Princess

Season 3 contestant Nicole Chilelli, who was eliminated but rejoined the show and won the season, created the Junkyard Cyborg Princess. The challenge saw her create the look from parts sourced from a junkyard paired with the fantasy makeup. She styled the Burgandy/red-ish hair into loose flowing waves with two buns at the middle.


The Bounty Hunter

Season 3’s contestants Sarah Miller and Laura Tyler teamed up to create the Bounty Hunter for the season’s Star Wars themed challenge. They were able to interestingly create the ‘cyborg head’ that formed into a bald cone protrusion.


The Female Demon

In season 4 Anthony Kosar teamed up with Alaim Park to create a female demon inspired by the Hindu religion. They dressed up their demon in shades of blue to meet the ‘Hell has Frozen Oven Over’ theme and completed the look by painting their demon’s body a pale blue hue all over. The demon spotted four horn-like protrusions sticking out to the middle and sides of its head.


The Jungle King

Season 4’s Autumn Cook and Eric Fox teamed up to create the Jungle King. They were able to strikingly conjure up the Tiki God inspired King with a meticulous brown paint job. For the hair, they made protrusions akin to an inverted tree trunk and completed it with a mane of green leaves.


The Pumpkin-Headed Lady

Season 5 brought together contestants from the past seasons to compete against newcomers in creating sci-fi prosthetics.  Season 3’s Miranda Jory teamed up with Season 1’s Bryan Steinsiek ‘Tate’ and they came up with the ‘Pumpkin-headed lady. to meet their challenge of recreating ‘Peter the Pumpkin Eater.’ Complete with a pumpkin head and a stem protruding at the top, the look was topped off with stem-like protrusions rising from the sides of the neck.


The Sexy Alien Ringmaster

For season 5’s sexy alien circus performer Alana teamed up with Laney to create the Sexy alien ringmaster. They painted his body shads of green, with purple detailing at the sides of his head and gave him a scale-like texture on his chest. They styled his hair into dreadlocks and top it off with a snakeskin top hat.


The Snozzwanger

Season 6 contestant Graham  Schminky came up with the strikingly memorable Snozzwanger for the Creature Shop challenge. The creation was a combination of a hunter on a safari with a creature head. The head was quite impressive fusing an elephant-like trunk, gigantic ears and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The selling point for the look was the blue eye balls, which protruded through the safari hat that crowned the creature’s head.


The Ice Fairy

For season 7’s Fairies challenge Cig Neutron created a strikingly beautiful Ice fairy. Given an icy blue hue, the princess spotted memorable icy wings. When it came to her hair,  it was styled in curls combed to the back. The fairy also spotted an interesting icy sculpted protrusion originating from her forehead.


The Pretty Eerie Clown

For season 7’s Scary Clown challenge saw contestant Sasha Glasser come up with an eerily pretty clown. Her Alice in Wonderland inspired clown spotted a sad yet stunningly beautiful porcelain-like makeup. For her hair she styled the blonde  hair with a fringe into a messy piggy tail look complete with red ribbon hair accessories and a solo ponytail rising from the middle of the head.

The Pretty Clown

The Axe Girlfriend

George Troester III came up with the Axe Girlfriend look for season 7’s Bloody Mary challenge. His graphic yet stunning gun shot wound creation stole the show. The look he created had depth showing a woman who is still standing despite having a gunshot wound on the right side of her face. He styled her brunette hair in a simple classic half up, half down look complete with blue and red ribbon hair accessories.


The Porcelain Doll

Darla Edin’s Porcelain Doll for the season 8  serial killer challenge is yet another memorable look from Face Off. She was able to create an accurate cracked porcelain look paired with deep ominous turquoise eyes. She styled her blonde hair, which spotted a receding hairstyle, into an untidy ponytail flowing to the back.


The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

For season 9′ Sea Creatures challenge Jason Henricks teamed up with Evan Hedges to create the Peacock Mantis Shrimp. The stunning pale makeup she wore blended well with her crimson red hair. They styled her hair into a half up, half down look accessorized with vine-like floral details. They also created a gill-like prosthetic protruding from her neck rising at the back of her neck, adding an interesting detail to the look.


Portuguese Man O’War

Also for season 9’s Sea Creatures challenge contestants Brittany Leslie and Nora Hewitt teamed up to create a Portuguese Man O’ War inspired sea creature. Their model had on beautiful pale makeup with blue/violet colored protrusions running across her forehead. They let her orange/red ombre hair flow freely.


Gallery of The Best Makeup and Hairstyles from Face Off’s 9 Seasons

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